Laurent Buger


CAP 21 is all about helping the French people.  I am keen to give what I can.

I am Laurent Buger.  I speak French and English, hence this website is in both languages.  I like to write about important political things going on in France, locally and across the county, as well as some great things or interesting things going on nationally.

We have a great and historic past and it is important for everyone to be involved in the moving forward of our nation.  We can all do our part to help.  It is vital that we do not all simply stick our heads in the sand and get on with our own tiny lives.  We are all, each, part of something bigger and more important.

So I urge you to get involved.  Have your say.  What is important to you?  What would you do to make our France better?  What are your favourite parts?  From teh best Gite you’ve stayed at to the best roads, to the politcal structure that lets us live the way we do.  Speak up and help to keep the bits you lve, and to improve the parts that need further improvements.

Vive La France!